Project created in collaboration with Dialectic Strategies for Canadian Mental Health Association. The purpose of this project was to develop an e-learning module for the staff involved with CMHA. The course main objective was to train staff how to manage  the privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI) in mental health and addiction recovery services.  After completing the course, the staff will learn that good privacy practices are a resource for supporting health, recovery and wellness as well as that the privacy management in health care settings is governed by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

Dialectic Strategies created a story with a focus on character Carol, who suffered from depression that was deep rooted in her childhood past. Carol’s journey towards a better healthier life was illustrated in 75 frames, in a sequential storybook idea. The story “Carol’s Healing Journey” was divided in  8 chapters:  Carol Can’t Continue, Carol Seeks Help, Panic and Painkillers, Involving Family, Carol’s Serious Suicide Attempt, Information Security, Carol’s Journey Concludes, Looking Back.

While some of the illustration style I normally work in is very detailed, this project required the immediacy of line and color to support the emotional distress of the main character Carol. The following images are just a selection and not the entire set of illustrations. The illustrations were created by drawing in ink and adding watercolour washes.