Felicia Cirstea is a Romanian-Canadian contemporary visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Felicia Cirstea graduated from OCAD University with a Major in Illustration in 2007. Having started her career as an illustrator Felicia’s work has been seen in various magazines and received awards and accolades from American Illustration, The Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design and CAPIC. Her whimsical illustration style has been featured in Digital Arts Magazine UK, IdN Magazine, Juxtapoz and some of her collaborations include Playgirl Magazine, Canadian Geographic Magazine, The Miami Herald and Canadian Mental Health Association.

After years of using mixed media techniques blending digital with analog practices Felicia’s work evolved into painting where she investigates the human condition and the explorations of self as it ensures survival in relationship to en ever-changing cultural environment. Using symbolism, abstraction and representation Felicia’s paintings carry a visual language influenced by architectural landmarks of Europe, nature, biology and Romanian folklore while depicting human forms such as faces as the main subject matter.

Artist Statement:

Growing up in post-communist Romania in the 90’s, developing as an adult in Toronto and living for 4 years on a Caribbean island has formed questions about who we are as human beings, why are we here, what defines our survival outside our basic necessities and how are we all connected in spite of our cultural differences. My work is investigating the human condition and the explorations of self as it ensures survival in relationship to an ever-changing cultural environment through notions of religion, spirituality, cultural beliefs and expectations, psychology as well as media depiction of women and family values. At the core of my paintings lies a human face as the mask of our perceived reality and a symbol of our physicality.


Born in Bucharest, Romania.


Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada,  2003-2007

Toronto School of Arts, Toronto, Canada, 2002-2003

Solo Exhibitions:

Felicia Atanasiu, Sugar Ridge Art Gallery, Antigua, West Indies, 2012

WALLSPACE Exhibition Felicia Atanasiu, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 2007

Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

58th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, Canada, 2019

The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Better Living Centre, Toronto, Canada, 2019

Digital Group Exhibition, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada, 2018

Marine Art & Photography, Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, Antigua, West Indies, 2012

Art & Sole, 381 Projects, Toronto, Canada, 2010

Art & Sole, Off The Hook Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 2010

Art & Sole, The Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 2010

Art & Sole, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2010

Official Centennial Alfa Romeo Art Collection, Milan, Italy, 2010

Live Love Jamboree, Rolly’s Garage, Toronto, Canada, 2009

Speak Easy 14th Annual Show, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 2009

Sketch It Out, APW Gallery, New York, USA, 2009

Press & Publications:

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Akin MOCA Studio Program 2019-2020