Felicia Cirstea – formerly known as Felicia Atanasiu, is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada.

Felicia obtained a BDes in Illustration from OCADU in Toronto, Canada.

Clients: Canadian Geographic, Canadian Family, More Magazine, Homemakers Magazine, Ryerson Magazine, The Block Magazine, Angels on Earth Magazine, Playgirl Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Diabetic Living Magazine, Treasury & Risk Magazine, The Miami Herald, Ink Publishing, Commons&Sense Magazine (Japan), Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA),  L’Oreal, Alfa Romeo.

Features & Publications include Digital Arts Magazine UK (print), IdN Magazine (print), Juxtapoz (online), Format (online).

Awards include American Illustration, Creative Journal, CAPIC (Canada) and Iconique Fashion Illustration Awards (Netherlands).

Felicia’s work is a reflection of her experimental environment and distant childhood past. Having lived in 3 countries in the past 15 years, Felicia’s influences are constantly changing and evolving into a style that is as unique as her life experiences. The patterns, the beauty of nature and the elaborate yet abstract vision of people are all part of her creative views on the world around her. Most illustrations are created by drawing in ink and pencil or painting in acrylic. Some are also more experimental by adding digital textures and bits of collages. Felicia’s work is a contrast between the old and the new, the bold and the subtle, the strong and the sensible, constantly evolving into new visual perspectives.

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